Thursday, June 13, 2013

Micah Carmelo's Birth Story

So I am writing my birth story the day after Micah Carmelo was born because I want to get it fresh out of my mind and also because I am so excited to always remember this beautiful day when I brought my second son into this world.  Here's my story:

Sunday June 9th, Kai went to sleep around 10 pm that night, so I was just laying around on my phone reading birth stuff as usual.  At around 11 pm I decided to listen to one of my birth affirmations tracks because i felt that baby was coming soon, and tried to go to sleep but I couldn't.  After listening to the affirmations I was still up so I was just on my phone some more, at around 12:30 am I started getting some cramps and they seemed stronger than usual, I remember thinking of them as ocean waves, like they were coming slowly and then the wave crashed and retreated....they weren't painful but they were a little different which I can only tell you now in hindsight because I had no idea at the time.  They were feeling pretty consistent so I decided to time them but for some reason i kept getting distracted and they seemed kind of all over the place.  So I started thinking could this be it? I got a little excited and woke Jeremy up to tell him to see what he thought, so we talked about it and decided I should take a shower to see if they would go away.  I kept thinking they weren't it, but I wanted them to continue cause I was ready to meet my boy.  So like at 1:30-ish I took a shower, which was awesome and the contractions kept coming and were getting a little more intense.  I was out around 2 am and decided to text Dr. Lori, I figured it wouldn't wake her up, I guess in the back of my head I didn't want to get everyone all excited and then it was all practice labor...Then tried to just lay down and get some rest, but the contractions kept coming and were pretty intense by then so I waited, must have been like 3:30 am when I asked Jeremy to call Dr. Lori but what i failed to mention was how close the contractions were so she just told him to tell me to try to sleep and wait till they got closer and stronger.  So when he came and told me that I was a little disappointed because they felt kind of strong and close to me, so I asked him to time them.  He downloaded an app to time them and we timed them for an hour and they were coming 3-5 minutes apart and were intense, to where I had to get up every time one came and sway my hips because it felt good to do so.  So he called her and told her that and she said to set up the tub and that Dr. Heidi would be on her way. 

 So we got up and set up the tub, well Jeremy did and I was sitting on my exercise ball swaying back and forth.  My mom got up at that time, it was like 4:30 am maybe and started cleaning up and putting up my candles.  I was listening to my hypnobabies birth affirmations and that made the contractions totally bareable, I was in the zone....The tub was set up shortly after and was filling up with warm water.  I was trying to text people but it was near impossible because it would get painful if I got out of my zone, so I tried to tell Jeremy to do it but he was busy setting up stuff.  So I just kind of gave up and tried to focus.  Dr. Heidi arrived shortly after and started setting's kind of a blur must have been sometime around 5 am, then one of the next contractions I felt like I had to pee.  So I told Heidi, I have to go to the bathroom, so I got up between contractions and went to the bathroom and as soon as I sat down, the next contraction came and my body went into autopilot and started pushing!!  I couldn't stop it, and I yelled "I think my body is pushing!"  So Dr. Heidi tells me to try and stop so I don't have a toilet baby.  That was my last concern...i couldn't stop pushing and  I reached down and felt a bulge, which later I figured out was the bag of waters bulging out.  So I said " The baby is coming out!"  So Dr. Heidi tells me to try to make it to the tub, but I didn't think I could.... but then the urge to push stopped so I got up and walked to the tub and got in quickly.  It felt sooooo good to get in the water!!!  I sat down with my legs fully extended and kind of sideways because I felt something between my legs.  Then Dr. Heidi said ok baby is coming, on the next contraction, push.  I remember I kept think it's almost over, I am going to see my baby soon, i can totally do this!!  So I just waited for what seemed like forever, it was like in slow motion, the next contraction came and I didn't need to push, my body was doing it on it's own, it was amazing...I didn't do anything and I totally felt everything but it wasn't painful at all, it was sooo amazing feeling my baby boy sliding out of my body.  I felt what I've heard other women refer to as the "ring of fire" but it wasn't painful, I was just totally aware of exactly where my baby was, then I felt his head come out and my body stopped pushing. And Dr. Heidi said "his head is out, he is still in the sac!"  Then she told me to wait for the next contraction then push out the body, she had Jeremy hold the baby's head so he could catch him, so he reached in and grabbed him.  We waited for the next contraction to come and once again my body pushed and out came his body!  I had given birth to my baby boy in two pushes in the tub!  

They placed him on my chest and I got to meet the crazy little one who didn't want to come out!  It was totally blissful!  One of the best moments of my life and so quick but yet it was like time slowed down for me so I wouldn't miss a second.
He came into this world at 5:27 am., weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz and measured 21 inches long.  I was worried about being able to love another person as much as I love my Kai but it's true what they say, You don't have to divide your love because it multiplies.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Being a mom

Becoming a mom changed me.  I never imagined I could love so deeply.  I love my son so much it sometimes makes me cry.  Tears of joy.  It makes me want to be better just so I can be an example for him.  It makes me love my husband more because I want him to see love, and know that he came into this world as an expression of our love for each other. Being a parent is by far the greatest joy i've known.  And I'm glad I'm able to appreciate it enough to know its a privilege not to be taken lightly.  I want to do right by my son in so many ways sometimes I don't even know where to start but I know the greatest gift I can ever give him is my unconditional love.  But that love has to extend to everything else because its all connected somehow.  I have to be the loving person I hope he will one day be.  I must make myself better in order to show him better.  The fallacy in parenting is we believe we can teach our children one thing yet act a different way. That's gotta be confusing to a child.  I act like my mom, I've noticed. I realized I learned mostly by what my mom did.  I remember how she reacted in certain situations and trend to react the same.  Simply knowing that makes me want to stop acting like a fool cause I know my son will learn it from me.  What do you think? Do your kids make you want to become a better you?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Momma Mia!

So my mom made out to Hawaii to visit on Tuesday!  I am so glad to see her because I missed her and because she is so helpful.    She can be a little crazy sometimes but I love her cause she is my mom and she is great.  When I was a teenager and thought I knew it all we bumped heads a little but now that I've grown older and actually know everything (haha) I've come to appreciate her very much.  She saved me from this mess of a house I was living in, well it was more just boxes everywhere, so little by little we are putting stuff up where it belongs.  Baby boy is still a very frequent nurser and don't anticipate that going away anytime soon at least till after 6 six months.  i am reading up on baby led weaning so that's most likely what we will do, but I haven't completely made up my mind yet. Heres some info on it.
Kai in his Beco
In other news Kai is getting plump, last night I was looking at pics when he was little and he was skinny and now i see him and he is a chubster!  He loves being in his Beco, and it's super comfy and easy to nurse in.  I am very happy with my purchase and totally recommend it.

Two more things I wanted to talk about today, I am little extra scattered brain today, one was I wanted to brag about getting my first $5 amazon giftcard through swag bucks!! Woohoo!  And all because I use it as my search engine, and I am always looking up stuff so it gives you swagbucks randomly and I keep getting them.  Even though from time to time I do have to go and look on cause the search engine is not as good as the good one.  Even though it says its a mix of the google and other search engine results.  I answer the poll every day and also watch videos from time to time, and I am almost gonna be up to 450 points again so I should be getting another $5 soon..woohoo!  Sign up here if you are interested

Monday, September 26, 2011

Things are sometimes meant to happen...

I wonder sometimes if God reassures us when we are in doubt.  Often times I wonder if what I'm doing is what is best for my boy, I fall into self doubt.  About breastfeeding on demand and cosleeping mostly.  Sometimes I see other moms with their babies who seem to be so calm and not attached to their boob every 45 minutes like mine is.  but I think its natural for all of us to feel this way from time to time after all what we want is what's best and sometimes we are aware that we aren't perfect so we doubt ourselves. Or when it gets a little tough, the grass always looks greener on the other side.

So I recently had one of these episodes where I doubted myself but just last night I had some reassurance.  I met someone on facebook who wanted to "friend me" because she said we were like-minded in our parenting styles and she hadn't been able to find many mommies like her on the island.  I was happy about that, but that wasn't it, so I accepted her request and was talking to her. When I saw her picture she didn't look familiar or anything but i was browsing through all her pictures and I came across one where was wearing a green ergo, and it stood out cause she said that she loved it the only thing she regretted was it being green, it was lime green, but very nice.  And she also bragged about having bought some teething necklaces online that her son loved!  So when I found the picture with the ergo i kept looking and it thought to myself if i find a picture of her wearing a teething necklace then I know it's definitely her!  Sure enough she was wearing a teething necklace on one of her pictures!  What a small world!  When i first go on the island like about a month and a half ago I went to this store called Baby Awearness, where they sell baby carriers and cloth diapers, and I remember having a conversation with the sales clerk and another customer.  Well she was the other customer!  She hasn't yet confirmed to me that it was her, I don't think she's online right now but I am 99% sure it was her.

Back to my original point, don't think I forgot but I take that as a confirmation that I am not the only one (even though it feels like it sometimes) and that what I am doing for my baby is what I know is best for him.

Update:  Yes it was her!!! Yay!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Breastfeeding Rocks!

So I found this totally cute picture!  This actually looks like my son and I think i have picture of him doing the same thing but i have to find it maybe I'll post it later!  But this baby has the right idea!  Breastfeeding rocks!  I went to the website on the top right of this pic and found some pretty funny other pics if you are bored and wanna look at some.  Click here.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Amazon is Amazing!

So I am addicted to shopping on sometimes I have to go on there and look at my orders just to see what I am waiting to receive all started because of my cloth diapers, ordering online because fun when i was waiting for the mail man or the ups man to come and then I would get to open my new thing!! The feeling of buying something new but without having to have left the house, and I got to do some serious price comparison so I was always confident that I was getting a great price, so there isn't too much guilt.  Wow, I sound like I seriously have a problem!  But I am not too bad, right now I just checked my amazon account and all I have pending is little tripod that I ordered for my camera!  Woohoo and it was only $2.37, and free shipping to Hawaii!!  So I was happy and ordered it, lets see how it is when it gets here.

My latest acquisition that I love is my Beco Butterfly II infant carrier, I used it today at the Dole Plantation and it was great!  I love the color cause its not too boring yet it's not too wild, because they have some beautiful designs but I couldn't use those everyday at least in my opinion.  Maybe one day i'll get one just to be wild!  But anyway I even learned how to breastfeed while wearing it!!!  Which was AWESOME!! I watched this video check it out!  Here is this picture he is a sleep, and yes he can breathe!


As I sit here in the beach, holding my son watching my husband play in the waves, I can't help but think ” this! Is the life!”  I'm completely happy with what God gave me and infinitely thankful!

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